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Thread: PRS MT15 or Mesa Mini Rectifier

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    Default PRS MT15 or Mesa Mini Rectifier

    Anyone with experience with both? Which is louder? Which sounds bigger? Which records better? Which sounds better at low volumes? Can either hang in a full-band scenario? What's the low-end like on both? Are they anything alike?


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    Default Re: PRS MT15 or Mesa Mini Rectifier

    I looked at both bought the MT 15. HUGE price difference first off.
    Both are great amps but that price difference is a major factor.
    The little PRS will hang with my 50 watt Mesa DC 5 volume wise it's LOUD tight and will have no issue hanging in a full band situation in anything under a big outdoor or arena show.
    The Mesa is easier to control at low volumes but I can get bedroom levels with the MT 15 if I work with it.
    Cleans are no contest the PRS has the much better bigger more forgiving cleans.
    The Mesa is more versatile in the Crunches with a wider range of tones in particular lower gain tones as the PRS is a real fire breather on gain. I find the PRS much more organic feeling dynamic and touch sensitive of the 2 with a bigger very modern sound. This is likely in part due to the PRS running a pair of 6L6's and the Mesa EL 84's so it's bigger on the bottom and tighter.
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