Here's my second test trying to incorporate orchestral sounds in a new project that mixes generative/electronic music with orchestral sounds, guitar, live synths, etc. This test was to see if I could get the modular to sync with the MIDI sequencer and layer guitars on top of it all without it becoming mush.

The setup itself is pretty simple: the main MIDI sequencer feeds MIDI to the JV-1080 for the orchestral sounds. It sends clock out to a BeatStep Pro which converts it to an analog clock pulse, which syncs my modular sequencers; they in turn send out clock to other things.

This test is four MIDI tracks (violins, bass, brass, horns), the Moog Mother-32, and two guitars. Percussion is via Euclidean Circles feeding a Pico Drum module (hi hat) and a BD808 (kick drum). Guitars are DI with amp sims.