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Thread: NGD: I got mah baby!

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    Cool NGD: I got mah baby!

    First off, a pic!
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    (not pictured, big mug of coffee)

    So I went to buy a strat but I didn't really "feel" any of the models there, or they were too expensive ;_; . There was a Squier Tele with maple board that was amazing, but somenthing else caught my eye.
    I remember being a teenager and seeing Kelun's guitarrist playing a Jazzmaster and thinking that was the coolest guitar ever.
    Well, I found one with P90s! IT SOUNDS SO DAMM GOOD, finally a bridge pickup that isn't annoying, I actually find it pleasurable to change to all 3 positions, at any gain level!
    It's sweet in the neck, and raunchy/screamy in the bridge, never brittle, and with the Varitone I can either cut mids for a more 'fendery' sound, or use it as a pseudo boost.
    Not what I went to buy, but actually fits me perfectly, I am in cloud 9

    Sadly it goes out of tune rather fast when using the tremolo, but I guess I can't expect much from this price range. Otherwise it's stable, and comfy.
    I will be changing the nut to TUSQ and strings to 0.10, and send to a luthier to set it up, hopefully that will help.
    Any other tips for keeping it in tune? Other priority upgrades for tuning stability?
    I am learning to use a tremolo, mostly for light down vibrato and some down-pulls for 'inflection', it adds a cool sound when used sparingly (like this
    No changes planned to pickups, I think these already sound great and just needs some shielding.

    Peace out!
    "Eventually there will be a beautiful statue there, I just have to chip away" -Satriani

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    Default Re: NGD: I got mah baby!

    Besides the Tusq nut, get locking tuners. That way you donít have any string wrapped around the posts. Thatís the part that puts it out of tune. When it gets slack it unwraps slightly and doesnít go back to pitch.

    And stretch your strings when you put them on.

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    Default Re: NGD: I got mah baby!

    Sweet! So, what does the "chicken-head" do? (Oops. I see. Varitone.)

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    Default Re: NGD: I got mah baby!

    Righteous guitar! Headstock pics? Details on the make/manufacture? I really dig the finish and pickguard with the knob color!
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