I have been wanting one of these for years. As a young kid starting out playing, i absolutely hated Tobacco burst LP's. Now i absolutely love them.

SO...Make a long story short, this guitar sort of just landed in my lap. I saw it posted in FB marketplace a few weeks ago. However, it wasn't till yesterday that i could pick it up. We debated on price for a bit and decided on a very comfortable number IMO.

With that said, this guitar IS a player. Lots of changed parts-bridge pickup, Neck pickup ring, pickguard. It does have OG frets, pots and tuners. It does have a really pretty bad body damage on the top back edge, which actually cracked the binding. Almost looks like the guy tomahawked the guitar into an amp or something. You can sort of see it in the 2nd pic. With that said, since its on the back edge, you dont see the damage when its being played. The TP-6 is also a cool bonus. OG case is in pretty decent shape with just a little fraying of the tolex on the edges.

Plans for it-replace the bridge pickup, replace pickup rings and a re-fret. I actually have an era-correct LP custom pickguard from the 70s that i hope fits this guitar.

Here are the pics from the original add. I will add some more in the next few days

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