I have had the Pegasus 7 in my jp70 for almost 3 months now and itís a bittersweet relationship so far. I spent a good while playing the 6 string version on guitars at GC using the same amp and settings as the one I have at home. It has a unique sound that I grew to really like. But the Pegasus 7 in my guitar sounds off. I understand how the pickup is meant to be, slightly rounded tone with a strange midrange girth, and detailed without being too aggressive under normal picking. But this in my guitar is rather underwhelming. Iíve replaced the bottom three stringsí pole pieces with 5/8 hex screws which added some low end definition and attack. I have the option of swapping the Alnico 5 out for a ceramic or Alnico 8. I will try the Alnico 8 when I redo the electronics soon. What heights do you Pegasus 7 owners have yours set at? Maybe mine is still too high or low.

Are the 6 and 7 string versions really that far off from each other? It feels like the 7 is missing something. Iíve been throwing an immense amount of gain at it and itís sponging it up so far. I didnít have this problem playing the 6 string version so much. Iíve been looking for something in between the Pegasus and omega and Iím starting to think that I started on the wrong end.