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Thread: problems with CTS, DP/DT volumes in Explorer with pearly gates

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    Unhappy problems with CTS, DP/DT volumes in Explorer with pearly gates

    Just installed a set of pearly gates in my Explorer. Also CTS DP/DT push/pull volumes with single master tone .wiring DP/DT volumes. for series/parallel.following the SD wiring diagram.The neck p/u works perfectly, however I,m not getting anything from the bridge P/U. (barely hear it).if at all.every thing checks out fine.with a standard volume pot,connecting white/red separately ,grn/bare grnd soldered to lug 3 and red wire from 3 way toggle soldered to middle lug and common grnd to side of pot it works perfectly. just cant get the DP/DT to function. The neck and bridge are wired a little differently at the switches/pots. The bridge switch shows grn. wire from p/u to #3 term.,then a jumper from#3 to lug#1 on pot.signal from toggle to middle wiper lug and grnd to lug #3...The neck grn wire goes to the same switch contact #3..But the jumper coming out of same contact is soldered to metal pot then across to bridge pot. Blk. wire from neck p/u goes to neck switch #1.jumper from same term. goes to #3 pot lug..I,ve checked all components and wiring as well as wire both push pull volumes the same,and nothing. Its a bit of a pain in the ass especially working in the tiny explorer cavity. I dont want a simple coil cut, I really want to wire these PG's in series and parallel .Just wondering if any one has had a similar experience.

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    Default Re: problems with CTS, DP/DT volumes in Explorer with pearly gates

    Wiring should be identical. What diagram are you following? Just the bit I read makes me think the bridge is grounded out by itself in the pot/push-pull. Need to see what you are talking about.
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