I just discovered something about the DIY process of making a pot into a No Load pot that i don't see covered in the 3 online "how-to" references that i was using (links below), and so thought i would post what i found so hopefully it would help someone else out, too.

Shortly ago i went to do my first DIY mod of a guitar pot so that it becomes a No Load pot.

Each of the 3 "how-to" references below emphaaize the need to disasemble the pot to some degree in order to get the clearance necessary to scrape the carbon leading to the 3rd lug.

The pot i was working with was a dual gang Alpha pot and i found that this pot not only would not disassemble because of how the shaft is attached to the ring at the bottom, but also that the clearance gap i could add by prying the top away was negligible. I thought i was going to have to put this project on hold until i ordered and waited for a different type of pot to arrive.

But i decided to risk ruining the pot and see if simply inserting my exacto knife into the small clearance that was naturally present near the 3rd lug was sufficient. After doing this for each of the two pots in my dual gang, i confirmed with my multimeter that the carbon lead to each 3rd lug had been sufficiently scraped to get me infinite resistance/no load. So - at least for this Alpha pot - no disassembly of the pot is necessary in order to fit your exacto knife into that area, despite what some online "how-to" references say. I can see the value in wanting to disassemble the pot if it can be disassembled, so that you have better aim and control over your scraping so that you only scrape the target area, but now i know that inability to disassemble the pot is not a show-stopper either.




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