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Thread: Truss Rods - Maintenance/Care

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    Default Truss Rods - Maintenance/Care

    Say you receive a new (old) guitar. Is it necessarily unwise or is it in fact preferable, to remove the truss rod nut (if able) prior to any adjustment, to either lubricate the threads or outright replace the adjustment nut? Is there any reason this would be considered risky, assuming the neck is in decent condition to begin with?

    Also - how long should a guitar neck be set aside/stored, before it's a good idea to release the truss rod entirely? (For example - if I need to remove strings to change pickups, I don't touch the rod. But if I planned to remove the neck for storage over a couple months to a year, should I then release the rod?) I see varying opinions on this; hope someone can sway it either way for me.
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    Default Re: Truss Rods - Maintenance/Care

    Single action rods can have the nut removed and the threads lubed.

    As to the tension......I guess it depends on the neck and what shape it wants to become once the strings have been removed. I would look to only adjusting so the neck sits flat.....not removing all tension.

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