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Thread: Anyone used a Boss/JHS Angry Driver?

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    Default Anyone used a Boss/JHS Angry Driver?

    Apparently it's a BD-2 and a JHS Angry Charlie in the same enclosure. You can set it to use one, the other, both in parallel, or either one into the other. That sounds pretty frickin' sweet to me. Anyone played one?
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    Default Re: Anyone used a Boss/JHS Angry Driver?

    Too bad you only get a tone from the Angry Driver instead of the full EQ.

    Still, looks like a super cool and versatile pedal.
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    Default Re: Anyone used a Boss/JHS Angry Driver?

    It's a pretty great pedal, the two sides work well together.
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    Default Re: Anyone used a Boss/JHS Angry Driver?

    I have heard of this - but very little. Usually good...
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    Default Re: Anyone used a Boss/JHS Angry Driver?

    I have one, but I havenít really given it a full run through yet as Iíve been too busy. Iíll try to report back once Iíve used it some.

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    Default Re: Anyone used a Boss/JHS Angry Driver?

    I almost got one but settled for BE-OD from friedman.

    I've heard and read good reviews from it. The youtube channel The Pedal Show puts it through the ringer really well.

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    Default Re: Anyone used a Boss/JHS Angry Driver?

    As a stand-alone distortion/preamp it would be very low on my list, but I still love it and it can be used in so many creative ways.
    If you want to more closely mimic the angry3 simply place an mxr eq6 or boss eq7 right after it.
    I'm really loving the driver as a boost before the angry, and when stacked you can get some degree of mid-shaping control by adjusting the tone of the booster under the main dirt.

    This thing really makes a great sultry lead tone in angry-only or stacked modes.
    I still haven't played with the blend feature enough to have an opinion.

    Both sides can make great boost pedals for a dirty amp, and since you can toggle between them it's a two-for-one pedal in that regard.

    The little boss footswitch(fsU) make this thing a beast in the versatility dept.!

    edit; I mean fsL(latching) ^^^,,,,the black one. I have both and use the silver for my looper and the black for my JB2.
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