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Thread: Stacking delay pedal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Francois View Post
    A quote from Dead Kennedys' East Ray Bay :

    "One of the tricks is to put the echo unit before the amp. Recording engineers don’t like that. When I have the guitar’s volume down, it hits the echo and then it hits the amp. The echoes clean up as they go through the amp, because they’re at less volume. Recording engineers or some guitarists stick it in the loop in the back of the amp. They make the sound, process it, and then they add the echo—but that’s more like a post-EQ effect. I do it pre-EQ. Even when I’m maxed out—like with the compressor on, the amp up, and the guitar all the way up—if there is a piece of silence, if you listen to the echo, it cleans up. The last ones will be the clean guitar. It’s a less technical way to do it, but it’s a more musical way. It’s bad engineering, but more musical."
    Basically everybody had to do this with their Echoplexes, Copycats and Space Echoes as well, prior to the adoption of loops (or having to be done at the board)
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    Default Re: Stacking delay pedal

    East Bay Ray sounds better than every guitar player who uses FX loops so this thread can go ahead and get locked up now
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