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Thread: New Release Day!

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    Default New Release Day!

    This is an interesting project. It consists of a 32 different 15 minute piece of music for every day of the month (and a bonus day), which adds up to 8+ hours of music. It is ambient, but all recorded with solo guitar processed with all sorts of things to make it not really sound guitar-like. I used looping in a different way, too. To read about how/why it was done, check out my blog about it.

    No solos, just spacey stuff. I livestreamed most of the recordings on Facebook, too. A different piece each day to either chill out before or after the workday is done.

    Here's one of the pieces:

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    Default Re: New Release Day!

    Well done

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    Default Re: New Release Day!

    Looking forward to checking this out!
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    32 different pieces in the same number of days is way more creative output than I'm capable of! Hats off to you for trying something so ambitious. It's a cool idea.
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