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Thread: Empress Buffer vs Boss Buffers

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    Default Empress Buffer vs Boss Buffers

    Hi Guys,

    How would a Empress Buffer(not the plus) compare to a Boss pedal? (specifically a TU-2 & SD-1w)
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    Default Re: Empress Buffer vs Boss Buffers

    Generally, I'd say that Boss makes a pretty good buffer. The only Boss pedal that has ever given me a problem with the buffer was the old PSM-5 power supply/master switch. That thing noticeably did weird stuff to your tone.

    I mean, don't get me wrong . . . Empress makes great stuff (I love their tremolo pedal on my board), but my ears aren't discerning enough to cork sniff between types of pedal buffers.
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    Default Re: Empress Buffer vs Boss Buffers

    Here are my thoughts, not proven but just my theoretical ramblings...

    We know buffers “preserve tone” by converting a high impedance signal from passive guitar pickups to a low impedance signal. The higher the input impedance, the better it should preserve the high end, at least to a point. When the TU-3 came out, players noticed it was brighter than the TU-2 it replaced. It turns out the input impedance of the TU-3 was higher (1.2M ohms) vs the TU-2 (1M ohms). In fact, the TU-3w tuner has a 1M ohm impedance along with the switch for true bypass.

    The Empress Buffer also has a 1M ohm impedance. However, it also has a second buffer for the output side of the pedalboard. This means the amp is always being driven by the same output impedance and circuitry, and your drive pedals are driving a common input impedance (of the 2nd buffer). Also, you have a common location for pedalboard in/out.

    I love nerdy stuff and my budget would allow for a stand alone buffer, but I still haven’t done it. $99 can get a really cool pedals that actually “does something” when you’ve already got a buffer in the tuner.
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