Hey everyone. So I use a Laney IRT 60 head. I run a 4ohlm 4x12 cab off of it. There are other ports for different cabs, however I read that missmatching ohlm cabs is not good for tube amps. We play hard rock, my drummer hits hard. For some of our shows, the cab placement makes it hard for my drummer to hear. Sometimes he is on a raiser as well. I need a monitor for him. He mostly just cares about hearing me for our changes. Trying to keep my setup as simple as I can, I was thinking I can mic my cab into powered monitor, Ill need a small mixer as well I assume. Theres another option of using a second head (I have a backup solid state) I can use. But then Ill have 2 amps to switch channels through the songs. If anyone has any ideas I love some input. Thanks