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Thread: Split neck/bridge + series neck/bridge wiring

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    Default Split neck/bridge + series neck/bridge wiring

    I saw a guitar with a switching setup that sounds kind of cool. 5 way with:

    Neck series
    Neck split with series bridge
    both series
    bridge split with series neck
    Bridge series

    Anybody have a diagram for this? Bonus points if it can incorporate a push/pull for added silliness.

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    Default Re: Split neck/bridge + series neck/bridge wiring

    I'm still a bit of a newb when it comes to super switches, so I'm not sure how to do that. If no one else chimes in I may take a crack at it though.

    Along the same lines (and not sure if it's even possible) I'd love to have a H-H guitar with a 5-way wired as follows:

    1. Bridge series
    2. Bridge slug coil + neck screw coil (parallel)
    3. Bridge series + neck series (parallel)
    4. Bridge slug coil + neck screw coil (series)
    5. Neck series

    I have access to all of those with my LP, but accessing #4 requires pulling 3 knobs so it's a bit impractical.
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