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Thread: Proper tube disposal

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    Default Proper tube disposal

    Iíve always just thrown old tubes in the trash, but lately Iíve been recycling more, and so I was wondering if thereís anybody recycling some of the materials in old tubes. Is there anything toxic in them that makes them a no-no for landfill?

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    Default Re: Proper tube disposal

    They should be treated as regular E-waste -just like other electronic stuff with heavy metals etc. Don't break them either -as the vapor could be bad for you. There could be lots of toxic things depending on the type, brand and year. Guitar tubes are generally a lot cleaner than medical and RF ones but still the filaments and vapor of all should be considered toxic to be on the safe side. Don't be freaked out though -it's likely your EL34 or 6L6 is relatively benign .

    That said, I've never thrown any away. -I've got about a 100 old ones that I placed in a storage box for whatever reason -like emergencies

    Your city and county should have an E-waste disposal site -that is free for taxpayers. there are also private Ewaste services that will pick it up -often for free or let you drop it off.

    As a lifelong guitar player, a ask everyone be a good environmental citizen and dispose of this stuff correctly -the future is for someone innocent of our ignorance and actions.
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    Default Re: Proper tube disposal

    Toss them in the trash.

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    Default Re: Proper tube disposal

    My city does a twice-a-year cleanup where they take TVs, batteries, etc. I bring any tubes there. There is lots of nasty stuff that I wouldn't want to end up in our (or our kids') water.
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    Default Re: Proper tube disposal

    Only you can decide what "good" sounds like!
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    Default Re: Proper tube disposal

    Haz-mat disposal facility, like all my electronics (batteries, light bulbs, etc.), photo chemicals, paints, etc.
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