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Thread: Line 6 Helix Grammatico

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    Default Line 6 Helix Grammatico

    Hello! Does anyone know if there is an Impulse Response cabinet simulator the Grammatico speaker yet?

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    Default Re: Line 6 Helix Grammatico

    Line 6 hasn't added any cabinet models in a while. I wonder if they are planning to add mic angle/cone position before tackling more? If not, I wish they'd up the max number of IRs and improve management. Could patches use hashes instead of IR slot #, so you can reorganize IRs without having to redo all your patches that use IRs?

    It's a Jensen P12Q, so I'd search for a P12Q IR. Quick search wasn't finding any, but google REALLY wanted to talk about P12N and P12R IRs... *sigh*

    P12R is pretty common for Deluxe fans, and I think is closer to Q out of R & N models.

    N is for louder cleans with less speaker breakup, R tends to compress and distort more, getting a bit darker at high volume. Q is similar to R, but brighter, IIRC.

    Hope that helps you get started finding one. I'd pick a favorite (non-Celestion) IR vendor and search their site for P12Q/R.

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