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Thread: Speaker upgrade? Celestion vs. Eminence

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    Default Speaker upgrade? Celestion vs. Eminence

    Hi guys, I bought a Fender SC112 cabinet which has a 12" Celestion G12P-80 speaker. I was offered a Red Coat Stonehenge 12 and was wondering if that would be a good upgrade? Mainly playing blues, some 60s and early 70s rock.

    Thank you for any info.

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    Default Re: Speaker upgrade? Celestion vs. Eminence

    Eminences I've played have had this clear and tight feel, whereas Celestions have been more loose and raspier.

    I guess l8t of that can be attributed to higher rating construction with Eminences in general.
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    Default Re: Speaker upgrade? Celestion vs. Eminence

    they both make lots of good speakers depending on what you want. i love the eminence cannabis rex but i also love the celestion g12m. what dont you like about the 70/80 you have in there now? what amps are you using it with?

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    Default Re: Speaker upgrade? Celestion vs. Eminence

    Speakers make a huge difference to the sound that you hear, but speaker models will have a bigger impact on how they sound than who makes 'em. An Eminence Swamp Thang doesn't sound even remotely the same as an Eminence Stonehenge. A Celestion V30 doesn't sound at all like a Greenback.
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    Default Re: Speaker upgrade? Celestion vs. Eminence

    Check the channel of this guy. It's all you ever wanted to know about speakers and much more.

    Johann Segeborn

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    Default Re: Speaker upgrade? Celestion vs. Eminence

    I have never heard of the two speakers you mentioned
    But I would agree with the above
    It's not so much the brand but the model

    Both make a mid hump V30 style, Celestian has the original of course
    Both make a more full range american style
    And many flavors in between

    Seghorn does shoot out a ton of speakers
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    Default Re: Speaker upgrade? Celestion vs. Eminence

    The G12P80 is the low budget 70/80. I'd jump on the emi in this case.

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    Default Re: Speaker upgrade? Celestion vs. Eminence

    Havent used those but i love the few eminences ive owned (and still own) the swamp thang is one of the all time best speakers ever!! Warm huge but tight. Govnor is like a v30 but thicker and without that hi mid spike. Tonker was big clear and kind of flat.

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    Default Re: Speaker upgrade? Celestion vs. Eminence

    IMHO, yes, almost anything is an upgrade over the 70/80.

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    Default Re: Speaker upgrade? Celestion vs. Eminence

    For that kind of music I would think that speaker is not too bad but I am more concerned about that cab, it is quite small si I would not try it with very loud speakers at their max capacity, and maybe turn it into open back.

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