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Thread: Wiring Help

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    Default Wiring Help

    Hello I'm Ken

    I recently upgraded my 1992 Ibanez SR500 with Seymour Duncans up Front and a Rickenbacker 4003 bringing up the rear, I put SD pots (250k) on the SD's and put Ric Pots (330k) on the Ric, I put Emerson 47 caps and a new stereo jack. Each pickup has its own Volume and Tone. Now for the dilemma.

    Stereo Mode (2 Separate amps) Sounds absolutely incredible, Volumes and Tones work perfectly, each pickup is separate as they should be.

    Mono Mode (+L & +R connected, and a single ground) 1st Volume (Neck, SD pickups) takes over mostly canceling the (Ric Volume), the tones work excellent, BUT it reacts more like a Parametric EQ, (which is fine), BUT what can I do to make the volume and tones to work as (Stereo Mode, Independent)?

    If there's a website that can help, that would be greatly appreciated, any help is appreciated.

    The pickups are wired individually, its own signal to tip or ring on a quarter stereo female jack, the single ground does go to all pots, bridge and pickups. I almost think it needs 2 diodes, but from what I have found in researching, they probably are not going to work as expected / hoped. Is there other circuitry in multi position switches? That keeps the signals separate enough so the audio controls work as expected in the standard mono connection? I did follow standard wiring diagrams from Seymour Duncan and others, and for the most part in either mode it still sounds awesome, from the brightness to the punch bottom I get now, just trying to get to the bottom of my wiring dilemma.

    Note: I am more than happy with the Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders and Pots, the Rickenbacker Pickup and Pots give me back (in a way) the 4001 natural maple Ric I had around 1990 or so.

    Thank You


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    Default Re: Wiring Help

    This probably won't be much help, but it almost sounds like it's working like 50's wiring in a 4 knob (two volume/two tone) set up when in mono. Anyone?

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