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Thread: Thoughts on Bogner Uberschall Twinjet

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    Default Thoughts on Bogner Uberschall Twinjet

    I recently got one and while its obviously a good amp (and god like to some people) i couldnt really gel with it. Its eq is beyond wonky and i found myself tweaking more than playing and never really being happy with it though after quite some time i was able to dial it in to something pretty good but perhaps just not my thing.
    For those who care i did a demo!

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Bogner Uberschall Twinjet

    I don't have any thoughts on the Uberschall Twinjet other than that it sounded pretty sweet in the video It's a nice fat organic tone to my ears (not flat, digital & over-compressed like most of the modern tech-death metal tones you hear these days)

    Nice playing too ..some killer riffs there
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