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Thread: Marshall DSL40 CR with Weber Ceramic Bluedog

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    Default Marshall DSL40 CR with Weber Ceramic Bluedog

    I've been wanting a DSL40 for awhile and I found a good deal for one on C.L. with a speaker change. It's a little drive to go check it out though. I was wondering what y'all would think the Weber Ceramic Bluedog would sound like in one and would it be an upgrade over the original celestion? Thanks

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    Default Re: Marshall DSL40 CR with Weber Ceramic Bluedog

    I have the DSL40CR and have to say that the V Type speaker that is fitted from stock is an excellent speaker. It really should be given a chance before being changed out.
    I am not to familiar with the Bluedog, but listening to the Marshall samples on their website, I am not too impressed (not a very imaginative demos though).
    This is a VOX voiced speaker too, and a Marshall amp may not be the best match.
    I assume the Bluedog is fitted in the DSL40CR you are interested in. If so, do try and get the seller to include the V Type that was removed too.
    The Bluedog should ideally be the 16 Ohm 75W version to give you the best cab matching options and peak power headroom.

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    Default Re: Marshall DSL40 CR with Weber Ceramic Bluedog

    I wouldn't pass on the amp because it has the Weber speaker. They are good speakers. If you don't like it then its would be fairly easy to try the V type or the 65 watt Creamback.

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