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Thread: Newbie question about power supply - Dark Sun pedal

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    Default Newbie question about power supply - Dark Sun pedal

    I am just learning guitar (long time musician on other instruments) and bought a Dark Sun Pedal. It doesn't come with a power adapter and I don't see any power adapters listed to buy on SD website. I have a Roland power adapter and a few other adapters from one of my old pedals from back in the day. Correct voltage and polarity but the plastic sheeth that is molded (the grip) will not fit down in the recess to the power socket. All my other pedals have the power socket flush with the outside surface of the pedal but this SD pedal has the power socket down at the bottom of a 1/8" thick hole in the pedal casing - so the power jack has to have a plastic grip that is skinny enough to fit down thru that hole in the case to get to the power socket --- just seems really weird. Since I'm new to modern pedals (haven't bought a pedal since the 70's-80's) maybe this is some new standard and any power cable I buy will have jacks that will work??? (hoping someone can confirm).

    Here's a picture of what I mean - I've had to grind down the sheath on the power jack on my power supplies to get them to work (and they do work now - just thought it was odd that I had to do that):

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    And another newbie question --- stereo effects that I've used in the past usually specify which jacks to use if you are going mono and the Dark Sun doesn't. There is a L and R input and L and R output. So if I'm just plugging in a guitar and one amplifier, do I use either input and either output or do I need to use two Y-cords or is there a specific jack that works better when running mono?

    Thanks in advance --- none of this was covered in the manual nor on any review or demo I checked out. The pedal is awesome sounding so I'm really happy with it -- just couldn't find any mention of running mono.

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    Default Re: Newbie question about power supply - Dark Sun pedal

    Is it 9V, Standard polarity (Center negative)? If so, id just get a One Spot and be confident in the performance.
    Oh no.....

    Oh Yeah!

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    Default Re: Newbie question about power supply - Dark Sun pedal

    Most stereo devices I've used have the left as the mono output. I'd use left input and output.

    That's silly about the power socket being like that. Wonder why they'd make it that way.

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    Default Re: Newbie question about power supply - Dark Sun pedal

    Hey AndyPanda, I have the Dark Sun on my pedal board and I am using a One Spot Power Supply and it connects easily with the pedal. They're fairly inexpensive so perhaps give that one a try?
    Also, while the pedal really works to it's fullest ability when running it in stereo, I have used just the left input and output on the pedal, works fine!

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