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Thread: Gibson Custom Shop SG Pickup Swap (Seth Lovers)

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    Default Gibson Custom Shop SG Pickup Swap (Seth Lovers)

    57 Classics (from 2007) to Seth Lovers set.

    I was always curious about doing this swap, but didn't because I sorta wanted to keep things stock.
    It's a 2008 Gibson Custom Shop '61 LP/SG Custom Reissue, 2 pickup.

    Took the plunge (said "**** it; why not?") and yep.

    A lot of people don't like the 57 Classics... I found them to be good pickups, but not great. I made them work for me.

    I've used Seths for a few decades now in various form and fashion, so I'm very familiar with them.

    Suffice it to say, a good improvement.

    It's not that the 57 Classics are bad pickups, but the Seths are superior.

    In particular with the 57 Classics, there is a little bit of mud/lack of clarity to them. The Seths are of course clear (but warm; not biting).

    So yeah, 2 left thumbs up.
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    Default Re: Gibson Custom Shop SG Pickup Swap (Seth Lovers)

    Seths are an improvement over pretty much everything. Happy it worked out!
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    Default Re: Gibson Custom Shop SG Pickup Swap (Seth Lovers)

    I agree with your findings completely. I did the exact swap in a 2017 SG standard. The basic tone was similar, but Seths had much more clarity. Alas, I decided A2 magnets were too warm for what I wanted out of the SG, so I went a different direction.

    My Seths still need a home, if anyone wants to donate a guitar to me.

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    Default Re: Gibson Custom Shop SG Pickup Swap (Seth Lovers)

    '57's were a disappointment for me, turned me off A2 magnets for a few years. Then I got a pair of Seth's. What a difference. Seymour's passion for PAF's is evident. One of the best PAF's made today.
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