I have Antiquities and Custom Shop Pearly Gates in my 2 Les Pauls. I had Wolfetone Dr. Vintage in the one with the Pearlies until I got the other one, and the Antiquities were so good in it I sold the Wolfetones to get a slightly hotter flavor.

The one thing I’ll tell you is all of them are going to sound good. The trick is matching the right pickup to the guitar. The Antiquities sound unreal in the guitar they are in. Not as good in the other one. Not bad, but not spectacular. The Pearlies sound amazing in both, but better in the one they’re in. I prefer the look of the double creme Pearlies in the first one, but the Antiquities in that guitar are just unreal. So my advice is get a good set and try them. And if they aren’t blowing your skirt up, sell them and try another. At some point you’ll find the right ones.