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Thread: Grounding issue

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    Default Grounding issue

    Didn't know where else to put this, so I apologize if this is out of place.

    My guitar is making a humming sound through the amp. I'm positive this is a grounding issue because it previously did not make this sound before I switched out the pick ups. I bought the sentient/pegasus set.

    I know it's not the amp because other guitars work well with my amp.

    I've grounded a wire to the back of the tone pot and I literally touched every part of the electronics to see what needed to be grounded but nothing remedies it. I'm at my wits end lol

    I could use any and all help! I can provide pictures if that helps. Or maybe I should make a diagram.

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    Default Re: Grounding issue

    Does the hum go away when you turn down the volume pot?

    Is the guitar shielded? Mine stopped humming for the most part after using copper tape in everything. I’m pretty sure that in doing so, I fixed my problem not by shielding, but by ending up with one ground path.

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    Default Re: Grounding issue

    It helps to run a ground wire to every component including the switch, run a chassis ground to the bridge, and shield if you're missing any of those.
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    Default Re: Grounding issue

    Sometimes it is easy to reverse the hot/ground at the jack, too.
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