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Thread: The 'magic' of the V1 pre amp tube

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    Default Re: The 'magic' of the V1 pre amp tube

    I started this thread and just recently , tried a JJ 5751 in the 1st position. on my single channel amp. As the gain is turned up further than before with less distortion the sound seemed thicker single notes 'bloom' as some say, the voicing/tone doesn't change much or sound better-not really. My hearing is good and overall, it was NOT worth doing. I put the old ECC83 tube back in. With simple gain and master volume, it's a case of balancing the two so that at any level I can get clean sounds. You cant tell until you try...

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    Default Re: The 'magic' of the V1 pre amp tube

    It's not just about V1 tube, but big thing is how all the gain stages work in conjunction.

    Personally I did a bit of tube swapping last year: First switched all to JJ ECC83's, which made the amp tighter and added a bit of clarity. Stock Sovteks had as much low end, but much looser and smoother.

    Itried also to switch Sovtek in to V2 and JJ to V1 and vice versa. Sovtek in front of JJ actually sounded pretty good overall. Added more vintagey smoothness and bloom to the tone. Other way around it sounded turd.

    I opted for keeping all JJ's.

    I tried JJ 5751 in front end as well, which was huge improvement for clean tones. They were not bad to begin with, but 5751 added really nice clarity and spark to it. However, it also made the drive shrill and lose lot of the best mid-range growl, which was dealbreaker there.

    I tried Tung-Sol too with JJ's in both positions. Was hot and gritty, but lacked body, and generally just didn't had the same growl I like with JJ's. Might say that Tung-Sol had distortion "tuned in" at bit higher register tonewise, which I didn't like at all.
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