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Thread: Bogner mini pedals? Friedman BE OD?

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    Default Bogner mini pedals? Friedman BE OD?

    First question.. Do the Bogner mini pedals sound the same as the original larger pedals? I like the smaller footprint, but worry that Ill be losing some of the tone or functionality.

    Second.. Im getting a Friedman BEOD pedal. Ive always wanted a Bogner Ecstasy and a Friedman BE amps, But obviously, dont have the funds to do so, nor do I have the skills to warrant that kind of commitment. Ive done alot of research and have seen great reviews on both pedals and have been advised that the Friedman pedal will get me very close to the tone of the amp. I believe I heard the same regarding the Bogner pedals.. Its just been awhile since they were released and both my memory (crap) and avail info has both been thinned out out since its been awhile.

    So, would it be a benefit to add both pedals? I normally get most of my gain from my amp, but again, the BE and the Ecstasy are both special amps, but pricey. So, I assume I can get close by adding the pedals, without the huge financial investment. But do they differ enough to warrant both?

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    Default Re: Bogner mini pedals? Friedman BE OD?

    You will lose the extra boost on the Bogner mini pedals. I haven't used either so I can't say if they are "close enough", but both will be versions of the hot-rodded Marshall sound, so they will be similar. You might try to find one of the full size Bogners used, I would think the boost would be useful, and it won't take more room than 2 separate pedals.

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