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Thread: Early 80's MIJ PEARL CH-02

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    Default Early 80's MIJ PEARL CH-02

    Made in Japan Pearl Chorus, me & a buddy had one back in the day. Can get a Uni-Vibe/Roto-Vibe/Leslie effect & any type of Chorus. Got it from a local shop for $40 bucks. Same pedal is listed on Reverb for $150+.
    Its a welcome addition. The older MIJ stuff just really kills compared to newer pedals IMO.
    It pays to troll your local shops.

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    Default Re: Early 80's MIJ PEARL CH-02

    Oh man, I LOVED that pedal, I wish I still had mine. It lasted me for years before finally just dying. Knowing what I know now I wish I had kept it, but I gave it to a friend who would tinker with pedals and amps all the time in case he wanted to revive it. I still have my Pearl DS-06 distortion, it's still one of the best distortion pedals I've ever used.

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