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Thread: NPD Boss SY-300 Guitar Synthesiser

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    Default NPD Boss SY-300 Guitar Synthesiser

    Iíve got to be honest and say this is a mixed bag.
    First of all itís so Power hungry, it requires 500ma at 9v so I needed to purchase a new power supply to power this beast but was intending to do so anyways.
    Secondly the sounds, it tracks fantastically and the tones are ethereal and magical in the night context, very little latency and itís tracking is very responsive and accurate.
    However now thereís the main issue, the ease of use (or lack thereof.) , itís not intuitive in terms of dialling in tones and crafting your own sounds so Iím still using variations on the factory presets.
    But overall itís a cool unit but with a steep learning curve and high price tag for what you get.

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    Default Re: NPD Boss SY-300 Guitar Synthesiser

    No PCM sounds on these, right? More like an actual polyphonic synth, so if you want to craft your own sounds that have no real-world counterparts, this is your best choice. If you want a Hammond or a trumpet, probably not. We are still a little ways away from triggering polyphonic samples from a mono guitar signal.
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    Default Re: NPD Boss SY-300 Guitar Synthesiser

    A mate of mine has one, and he had to spend a lot of time getting the sounds right and getting it to play nicely within his setup. I must admit I like the look of the SY100 due to it's simplicity of operation.

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