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So as I mentioned before I have 13 guitars . I want to bring it down to 1... Maybe 2 or 3 but it's really hard. Anyone have any advice for "letting go"? I have 2 Stratocasters and an SG I pretty much never play but they're super gorgeous and awesome guitars. Also got a handful of Jacksons I never play, but they're rare and I don't want to lose them. I think my main trouble is I don't want to sell them cause they're somewhat rare and hard to replace if I ever wanted them back.

One of the Stratocasters is one I bought brand new in 2007. It got stolen in 2009. Thought it was gone forever, till (2016 or 2017, can't remember.) when a friend of mine finally found it in a pawn shop, I showed the police the receipt , and got it back. Somehow, it is still in very nearly mint condition. So... It has some sentimental value but I NEVER play it. It needs to go but I can't.

I live in a small apartment and I have a kid now and there's just absolutely no space for all of these axes. Our entire closet is full of guitars. My Ibanez is my best playing one and since it's HSH it can kinda get every tone I need. It's the one I play all day every day but yet I still can't find a way to let go of my other 12.

Anyone else go through this kinda traumatic realization that they need to get rid of a bunch and have this mental block that makes it impossible ? How did you move past it ?

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I had to downsize my pedal collection of about 20 pedals a few years back. I was bummed that I had to sell them because I needed the money. After I sold them, I felt kind of dumb because why did I need so many pedals when I hardly used most of them.