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Great thread-

I'm surprised that there's no mention of the APTL-3JD, which is supposed to be a replication of his '52. I don't know how that model compares with the original Fender pickups in the '52 that are mentioned. It, along with the A2Pros are the only A2 Tele pickups that SD makes, and it's a touch hotter, mine was around 7.74-spec sheet says -7.8. I'm not sure about the others mentioned here. I'd love to try a 10K Nocaster at some point.

I'd really love it if Lew, Stevo, or Curly could try one out and give a review of it vs. the Vintage leads mentioned here. I just don't have the resources (cash and ears) on hand to do it. Thanks in advance if that happens.

I really love mine and last night while playing with my friends was super and it is great with the Fralin Blues Special neck.

I have a lot of respect for Roy Buchanan and Steve Cropper myself-definitely roadbuilders with the Telecaster.
That Jerry Donahue is exactly the pickup next going into my test bed Tele: the MIM James Burton. I'll have a report for you all next week. A2 gives a pickup a softer tone, IMO, so a2 pickups are often wound with a little more wire to make up for it. I wonder what kind of alnico was REALLY in those old Fender pickups from the early 50's? Probably whatever Leo Fender could get his hands on...a2, a3 or a5. And from what I understand from speaking to Lindy, a2 & a3 & a5 from the 50's isn't the same a2 & a3 & a5 we have these days! So pickup makers just have to use thier ears anyway to duplicate old pickup designs. Lew