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Try tuning the low E quite a bit flat . This is because when you pick it hard - it will go sharper. (experiment. depends how hard u play)
Tune the A a little bit less flat, but still flat.
Tune the D EVER SO SLIGHTLY flat.

Tune the G - right on the money.
Tune the B - EVER SO SLIGHTLY sharp.
Tune the high E - a bit more sharp than the B

This is similar to the concept of "temperment" and will help your guitar stay in tune better with other instruments. Got this concept from EJ video. It works good. I always tune like this now. Never right on the money for all strings.

Its a pain to explain it to other guitar players you play with, who have no idea what you are talking about.
i've read about this before. i've tried to do this before(but at the time i had no tuner, and currently i've got none again) without success, but i can see it working in the right context. what would you say about a compensated nut however?