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Thread: Road brand amps.

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    Default Road brand amps.

    I posted this on another board, and got some interesting info.

    Does anyone know anything about Road amps made in the 70's? Last week the keyboard player in my band "gave" me a Road 4x12. Seeing as I already have more speaker cabinets than I need, and if I somehow managed to get it home the wife would have my behind... I "gave" the cab to one of the guitar players in the band.

    If anyone's unfamiliar with Road cabinets, they're full size 4x12 cabs, with edge and corner protectors like Mesa's Road Ready series. Instead of a grill over the baffle board, it has individual grills on the speakers. It's a heavy, well built cab with speakers that aren't branded.

    As much info as I've found out they were made by Bud Ross of Ross effects and Kustom amps. That's all I know. (thanks to Fuchsaudio on TGP!)

    Does anyone have any other info, or a website? A Google search on Road amps brings up a lot of Mesa stuff.

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    Default Re: Road brand amps.

    I've seen the exact cabinet you're talking about. It's not exactly the prettiest thing, but it sounded alright. After they went out of business sometime around 80, not a word gets said about them. I've never seen a head or combo, which is kinda surprising.....not even on ebay.
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