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Thread: Rivera Knucklehead and pre amp tubes

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    Default Rivera Knucklehead and pre amp tubes

    Hi all, i have a Knucklehead reverb 100 head....... Ive just replaced the winged C output tubes with matched quartet of JJ 6L6 GC tubes, which for some reason "may" have cleaned up the overall tone of the amp?...

    Now for pre amp tubes i want to leave the clean sound as is, its great!
    I want to try and smooth out channel 3's gain but also add a touch more sizzle/gain to it as well. So what tubes should i look into for this?

    Also what does the tube that sits in the converter slot have on the over all tone?..

    Sorry for all the info im needing... im turning into a fine tuning geek i think!

    Thanks everyone.


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    Default Re: Rivera Knucklehead and pre amp tubes

    For some more gain, I recommend throwing a GT 12AX7M tube in there and some 9th gen chinese 12AX7s (they'll give back a lot of the gain). JJ's are a lot "cleaner" tubes and sometimes you need some good gainy tubes to get some of that aggressiveness back.
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