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Thread: <Urgent> Seymour Duncan Tube Amp 84-50 problems

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    Unhappy <Urgent> Seymour Duncan Tube Amp 84-50 problems

    Hi all
    I'm a new forum member from Hong Kong

    yesterday i bought a seymour duncan 84-50 from a local shop (evidently a reputable shop)
    it was perfectly ok when we were trying it out
    but after i had got back to my home
    i just plugged all the things like what we did in the shop
    just that i connected my boss GT-8 to the input of the amp
    after playing around for not more than 5 minutes
    the fuse blew and i think one or two of the power amp tubes were screwed
    after that I brought the amp back to the shop and tried it again
    the sales there replaced the tubes (both preamp and poweramp tubes) and tried, something damn discouraging happened, the overdrive channel worked perfectly fine, but the clean channel was distorted and extraordinarily soft.
    Therefore, I want to ask a few questions, and I sincerely hope for an answer:
    1. Of coz, HOW can i solve the problem?
    2. What is the cause of the problem?
    3. Will the reason be becoz the gain in GT-8 is too high that messed up all the things?
    4. Anything else i should be cautious in handling tube amps

    Since I'm not familiar with those hardware stuffs, I really hope you guys will help me! Thank you very much

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    Default Re: <Urgent> Seymour Duncan Tube Amp 84-50 problems


    I nearly need ur help!

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    Default Re: <Urgent> Seymour Duncan Tube Amp 84-50 problems

    the amp has some issues. have a reputable technician look at it. the GT-8 would never mess up a tube.

    good chance some screen resistors went on you, when the power tubes fried. also, maybe some coupling caps.

    tube amps are dangerous. DO NOT go inside one unless you know what you are doing.
    Jeremy Ledford
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