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Thread: S. Deco Custom Shop pickups? Pups for LPS

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    Default S. Deco Custom Shop pickups? Pups for LPS

    I am looking to get the perfect PAF style pickup for my LPS, it currently has Antiquities loaded with Alnico V magnets, the bridge pup is about 8.76k and neck is 7.75k. They are real nice pickups but not quite right for me, i have used both the stock and A5 mags. The problem is the mid peak that the bridge pup in has, it makes the pickups have a character that i really dont like, some might call it "nasal" or "chirpy" etc. It bugs me for leads and for cleans mostly. So im looking for a PAF style pickup that is hotter than a 59' or Seth, but doesnt have that mid peak and has more of a natural voicing in the mids yet has a more aggressive 59' type sound. I really am not a big fan of the Custom 5, so the only other thing i can think of is the S. Decos. Can someone tell me about these? Both the A5 and A2 versions and both winds. I don't have a problem with pickups with mids, just when the mids have that character...

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    Have ya looked at a Custom??? or maybe a JB ????
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    The Deco2 10k neck pickup is very sweet and balanced. It is round but glassy. It's very responsive to fingering.

    I did a tune called S Blue with the Deco2 neck pickup in a Les Paul at

    I don't know about the bridge pickup.

    I know what you mean about the "character" sound. I have tried several Duncan pickups. I have not heard a bad one, but the styles are not all for me either.

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    Great clips.

    Would you be able to compare them to a Custom Custom or a 8.50k antiquity? Thanks in advance.

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