Phat Cat P90 Humbucker - Set

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A set of Phat Cats offers true P-90 growl and bite in any humbucker equipped guitar without modifications.


Want the focused mid bite and unique attack of a P-90, but have an instrument routed for humbuckers? You need a Phat Cat Set.

The Phat Cat is a true single-coil P90 Soapbar which fits under a humbucker cover for use in humbucker-equipped guitars. We originally developed this pickup in the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop for Hamer Guitars, but eventually the demand became so great that we moved it to regular production. It gives you all of the authentic grit and growl that you’d expect from a vintage P90 Soapbar in the bridge position. Chords have bright, ringing harmonic overtones while solos have that classic P90 cut and edge.

We use two Alnico 2 bar magnets to give you more sustain and a compressed attack, while the metal covers provide more shielding and noise reduction than standard soapbar covers. Other appointments include nickel silver bottom plate, single-conductor braided hookup wire and Vacuum wax potting for squeal free operation. The neck model is RW/RP, reverse wind reverse polarity, from the bridge pickup to provide noiseless operation when used together. Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA. 


Sound Samples


Phat Cat Official Demo

"We found these pickups incredibly dynamic and touch sensitive allowing us to use a single amp setting & tone and go all the way from fat single-coil-esque clean breakup, to full on humbucker-esque heavy rock just by utilizing volume and tone controls as you can see/hear in the video. We love these and are keeping them in our Les Paul(s)."

Seymour Duncan SPH-90 (Phat Cat) Demo

Epiphone Les Paul and a set of SPH-90 pickups from Seymour Duncan. These pickups give you the sound of a P90 all in a standard HB size pickup.

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