Do different players sound the same playing the same instrument?
I've experienced this first hand when doing the benefit "ARMS" for the late Ronnie Laine during the '80s. I was on the road with Jeff Beck, ... More

There was a group in the early sixties called The Fendermen. Did they use Fender guitars and pickups? Troy Page- Thorofare, New Jersey
The Fendermen released an album May, 1960 and titled "Mule Skinner Blues". Their only hit was of the same title. During that period, band me... More

What is the Fender Telecaster with two humbuckers Jeff Beck used in the video “Secret Policeman’s Ball”. Dennis Robbins-Nashville, Tenn.
In 1973 I was working at the Fender Soundhouse in London, England doing guitar modifications and repair with amp whiz Ron Roka. When I came ... More

What guitar and pickups did Rich Fifield used when recording with the group “The Astronauts” back in the sixties? Jim Sharp, Gibbstown, New Jersey
Recently I got a letter from Bill Wardwell who is a friend of Rich Fifield and he send along this information. Rich was the lead guitarist f... More

Why did Roy Buchanan put a penny under the middle saddle of his 53' Telecaster Bridge. Kevin Loftus, Kensington, MD
I grew up in Southern, New Jersey and I first saw Roy playing in a Club called Dick Lee's near Camden, New Jersey. Roy was born on September... More

What did Peter Green do to his Humbuckers to give him his sound, and does he still have his old Les Paul that he used in early recording with Fleetwood Mac? Jeff Ross, Hollywood, Ca
This question has come up a lot lately. What Peter Green did was pretty easy to do. First the neck pickup is out of phase with the bridge pi... More

What guitar and amp did Steve Cropper use when recording "Green Onions" with Booker T & the MG's? Ken Bozarth, Wenonah, New Jersey
"Green Onions" was released on August 1962 and is probably one of my all time favorite recordings. The group consisted of Booker T. Jones (o... More