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The Killing Floor High Gain Boost is both a volume boost and a musical amp-like overdrive all in one.

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The Killing Floor High Gain Boost gives you both a volume boost and a musical amp-like overdrive all in one, with an unmistakable, undeniable bluesy feel. Use it to boost your overall output for solos, to push an amp further into overdrive, or for a beefy, expressive solo tone. It’s also great as an ‘always on’ pedal for adding the finishing touch to your tone; it’s like an overall enhancer for your entire sound.


The single control knob gives you up to a whopping 34 dB of additional gain for amazing range, from subtle boost to brash chords to a full, fat overdriven lead, while the 3-way Voicing toggle switch lets you sculpt your high end with a boost at 10K, a cut at 4.8K or a flat setting. Use this switch to take the bite out of overly bright single coils, put more sting into a dark humbucker or to add crystal clear, boutique-style airiness to your tone. The Killing Floor is made in the USA and is True Bypass.

User Guide

Sample Settings

  • Gainy Growl

    Push a clean amp into a fat overdrive with an aggressive growl for solos. This setting is still very touch-sensitive, so don’t be afraid to back off your guitar’s volume knob or vary your picking attack for different expressive effects.
  • Classic Thick Drive

    Use this setting for a chewy distorted sound you can leave on as part of your core tone. It’s especially great for power chords and octaves. You may want to enable the high cut depending on the brightness of your instrument.
  • Awesomizer

    Enhances the character of your guitar by adding presence, punch and sparkle without pushing too far into overdrive. This setting works equally well as a gain boost or an “always on” mode.
  • Gain Changer

    Take a classic rock rhythm tone and push it into 80s metal territory. If you’re using humbuckers, try adding the high boost for extra clarity.

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