As guitarists, we all want to do something a little different. It’s what drives us to find our own sound, to play the guitars we play and to make the music we make. At Seymour Duncan we have a range of specialized pickups that let you get sounds out of your guitar that you wouldn’t think possible, whether it’s a particular twist that completely re-voices a vintage model or a pickup type that brings a whole new character when transplanted from one guitar type to another. Here are a few of those pickups.



Vintage Mini Humbucker – neck 

The Vintage Mini Humbucker neck pickup is designed to give you that classic Firebird tone with its legenday single coil-like high end and focused lows. This makes it great for getting classic rock and alternative tones out of your Firebird but it’s also an ideal neck pickup for Telecaster, with more power, more detail, more grit and more midrange than you’ve ever heard from a Tele neck. It also fits any mini-humbucker route so it’s a unique option for getting grittier, edgier tones from a 70s Les Paul Deluxe.




Hot for Jazzmaster – bridge 

If you play alternative or indie rock, a vintage-output bridge pickup might not quite have the power and growl you’re looking for. The Hot For Jazzmaster has Alnico 5 rod magnets and overwound coils for a hot, punchy tone with a big bump in the midrange to help it cut through whether you’re playing clean-toned surf guitar or fuzzed-out garage rock. It’s a drop-in replacement that fits under the original cover so your guitar can maintain its stock look but with a bigger, bolder sound.





Lipstick Tube for Strat 

Lipstick Tube pickups are known for their sharp, jangly tone but until now you needed to modify the pickup itself if you wanted to use it in anything other than a Danelectro. Our Lipstick Tube for Strat uses the same materials and construction as our Danelectro replacement, but in a format that drops directly into a Strat with no modification. It’s great for all types of clean tone rhythm playing, and there’s a snarly, gritty quality to the overdriven tones. And there’s a growing community of punk players pairing a Lipstick for Strat in the neck position with a JB or P90 in the bridge of a Les Paul for truly contrasting bridge and neck tones.




Vintage P90 – neck 

The Vintage P90 Soapbar uses dual Alnico 5 bar magnets and short wide bobbins for strong mids and powerful output compared to other types of single coils. Naturally it’s ideal in Les Pauls but it’s also right at home in the neck position of a Telecaster or Stratocaster, where its punchy attack and great note separation are followed up with sweet and smooth sustain.





Quarter Pound Jaguar – bridge 

Like Jazzmaster players, many Jaguar players need more growl and grind from their bridge pickup. The Quarter Pound Jaguar bridge pickup uses a custom overwound coil for a fat low end while its large-diameter pole pieces add highs and detail. It sounds a little like a P90 Soapbar but with more focus on the high end, and is also great for getting dirtier, angrier sounds out of a Bass VI. It fits with your guitar’s existing pickup cover and claw to keep your instrument’s look intact.




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