Stap Lock: Free with Beer!

Your guitar won't fall down. You might.

A lot of you know this trick already, but it bears repeating:

The rubber caps on Grolsch and some other Euro craft beers are the perfect size for strap locks.

Don’t get me wrong—proper strap locks are great, but the beer-bottle variety are actually quite reliable, and a great choice if a) you have a valuable vintage guitar you don’t want to mess with, b) you’re broke, or c) you just like skunky Dutch beer.

Seemingly everyone in Europe knows this trick, but I still get startled comments from Stateside folks who spot the Grolsch gaskets on my old Strat.

Sadly, the rubber-topped bottles are becoming scarce, though you can still find them at larger liquor retailers. Not that I hang out in such places or anything.

This is not an errand to entrust to your drummer. Chances are he or she will return with one of these:


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