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What can you tell me about Duncan Performers?

Duncan Performer pickups are a mid-level brand of pickups exclusive to Guitar Center stores. These pickups were designed in our Santa Barbara factory and are built by hand to our spec in Korea’s finest pickup workshop. Because they use Korean materials and labor, we’re able to bring them to market at a lower price point. They’re designed to appeal to an entry-level or mid-level player who […] Continue Reading

History of Seymour Duncan Products

For 40 years Seymour Duncan has been developing products to help musicians find their voice and get the most out of their instrument. We thought it would be fun to look back at when some of our more notable products came out. This list has been updated on 11/30/15 and spans nearly four decades. Continue Reading

How is Vulcanized fibre made that’s used for pickup bobbins and coil forms used by Fender, Duncan, Fralin and older Gibson P-90 and Guild bobbins? Fred Thompson- Nashville, Tennessee

George W. Creighton Jr. who was the Material Engineer for the National Vulcanized Fibre Co. writes: Vulcanized fibre is produced in a number of different grades. The final grade depends upon the starting material. Saturating a grade of absorbent paper is the base material for Vulcanized fibre and may be made form cotton rags or wood pulp of high alpha cellulose content. The paper is immersed […] Continue Reading

For many years I’’ve been using Seymour Duncan pickups and on the bottom of the Humbuckers and Singles coils I see a label stamped “DD-J”. What do the letters stand for? Mark “Farquar” Vaccacio- “Beatlemania”, New York.

On the bottom of my pickups, I use a code or abbreviation on pickup models for identification as many models can physically look alike and when removed from the box or when it’s in an instrument will help identify it. Many of the pickups have several numbers or letters. For example: DD-J is a Duncan Distortion built by Maricella Juarez made after 1983. Maricella currently works […] Continue Reading

Can you put other pickups in a Fender Jazzmaster guitar? Howard Duncan- Bridgeport, New Jersey

The pickups can be made with a staggered pole piece pattern similar to a Fender Stratocaster. The arrangement of the pole piece give the pickup a string balance but also is important to the tonal character of the pickup. By lowering or raising certain poles the pickup will have it’s own inner phasing due to the various lengths of the magnets. Jazzmasters normally have slightly raised […] Continue Reading