Seymour Duncan Pickups for Jazz Guitar

By Dave Eichenberger Contrary to popular belief, there are other types of music other than rock, metal, blues, and country. While not as popular as it was, say, 40 years ago, there is still a sizable jazz guitar community out there. Of course, jazz has been played on many types of guitars, and archtops, while they are wonderful, still remain the traditional choice. However, great jazz […] Continue Reading

Friends of SD: Knaggs Guitars

Knaggs Guitars makes some pretty remarkable instruments. While many of their creations use standard woods that you see with many other companies, they have an eye for the artistic as well. Continue Reading

The Sounds of the Catalina Chorus

Seymour Duncan has been busy building some new pedals lately. One of the newest offerings is the dynamic new Catalina Chorus, a brand new effect with a few features that have never appeared on any chorus pedal before. Continue Reading

In Guitar, Context is Everything

What was such a big deal about the Beatles? Didn’t Les Paul play music my grandmother described as ‘old’? Isn’t Jimi Hendrix famous for playing ‘Silent Night’ at some festival in the 40’s or something? In music and guitar history, context means something. Continue Reading

The Seymour Duncan Loaded Pickguards

Why does everything have to be so hard? Why can’t I have those pickups and wiring already finished? All of those wires and switches frighten and confuse me! Well, whether you don’t like to wire up your own guitar, or just want a great sounding already-wired-up pickguard that is tested and ready to go, Seymour Duncan has got you covered. Continue Reading

Effects Basics: Chorus

You’ve heard that sound before: that watery, bubbly, thick guitar sound slathered over almost every clean guitar part from the late 1970’s throughout the 1980’s. That is the sound of a chorus effect, and when I was young, it was everywhere. It was the second pedal I ever bought (right behind the Next Distortion X), and when I needed a clean guitar sound, the chorus was […] Continue Reading

Top 10 Musical Resolutions for the New Year

Astronomically speaking, the beginning of a new year is pretty arbitrary. I mean, humans decided that January 1st would be the start of a new year (when we started counting 2016 years ago), instead of July 1st or March 30th. However, we tend to put a big significance on the end of one year and the beginning of another, that we don’t put on the end […] Continue Reading

My Top 10 Tips for Effective Rehearsal

Performing live is harder than it seems. Sure, the band makes it look easy, and everyone has the perfect parts at just the right time. Bigger acts know just where to stand for certain lighting effects, and the guitarist is always under the spotlight for The Big Solo. However, what you might not know is that for every minute of stage time, there could be dozens […] Continue Reading

Friends of SD: Prestige Guitars

It is always refreshing to see a North American-based guitar builder that can make breathtaking instruments and keep the prices so a working musician can afford them. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Prestige Guitars specializes in a line of traditional solidbodies, semi-hollowbodies, full hollowbodies, a few acoustics and even a bass. Using exotic woods combined with beautiful inlay work, they look and feel like quality instruments. With […] Continue Reading

Expectation is a Prison

  I define expectation as wanting history to repeat itself exactly. When you go see a tribute band, you are comparing the band onstage to a memory of the original band. When you buy a Les Paul or a Strat, there is a certain level of expectation that goes into just seeing the shapes. We figure an LP is always meaty while a Strat is always […] Continue Reading