The Player’s Room


Expectation is a Prison

  I define expectation as wanting history to repeat itself exactly. When you go see a tribute band, you are comparing the band onstage to a memory of the original band. When you buy a Les Paul or a Strat, there is a certain level of expectation that goes into just seeing the shapes. We figure an LP is always meaty while a Strat is always […] Continue Reading

Friends of Seymour Duncan: Hamer Guitars

Let me begin by saying that I have absolutely no qualms about admitting my love for all things rock and metal, including the various bands that rose from the streets of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in the 197s and 1980s. Along with that love, comes my admiration for some of the most beautiful and well-built instruments ever made in the United States: Hamer Guitars. Continue Reading

Theory Basics: Intervals of the Major Scale

  To many guitarists, the major scale is something they simply don’t use. However, in Western music (that is, music that originates from the Western Hemisphere), it is the scale that is the basis of all others. If you learn the notes of the major scale, you can find all sorts of scales lurking beneath just by altering the notes. Continue Reading

How to Play Like Clutch’s Tim Sult

As a founding member of the bands Clutch and The Bakerton Group, Tim Sult has been making righteous noise for rock-minded listeners since 1991. His riffs are catchy, potent, and they resonate with a certain pragmatic personality that is both approachable and immediately identifiable. Over the last 25 years, Sult has refined and honed his style from the more raw aesthetic of the early days, but certain elements […] Continue Reading

Seymour Duncan’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again. The annual Black Friday stampedes, er, “sales” have officially kicked off the holiday shopping season. Last year it seemed as though some people in my household may have read my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, because Santa was very kind. And I did not receive any hot pink acoustic guitar-shaped earrings. Win-win situation I’d say. Continue Reading

5 Mental Shortcuts to Learn Songs Faster

Every musician is drawn to different genres and songs throughout their life. These tunes ultimately shape our very being as players through our desire to learn them and try to absorb the magic that caught our attention . . . okay, so some of us just wanted to impress chicks but I digress. Continue Reading

The Art of the Barre

Let’s face it: for the beginning guitarist, barre chords are hard. The idea that one finger has to hold down multiple strings when it has a hard enough time trying to hold down one seems like an impossible task. Continue Reading

Supposin’ You’re Transposin’?

Not long ago, music was less about riffs and more about chords from a particular key circling around. Of course every kind of music evolves, and our musical forefathers probably never dreamed of guitarists with Viking names and scalloped fretboards whipping around the harmonic minor scale at light speed. Continue Reading

Don’t Listen to Guitar!

Sometimes we have to break free, right? While we (hopefully) include a healthy dose of guitar-based music in our listening habits, sometimes it can be refreshing to understand how other instruments approach music. Continue Reading