The Ambient Guitarist’s Toolkit

This article will provide a brief history of ambient guitar music and a rundown of the most common tools to get your space on.

The Ins & Outs Of Effects Loops

If you’ve been a guitarist for more than five minutes, you’re pretty familiar with effects. Effects can morph our plain guitar sound into something from outer space or just make it seem a little bigger than it actually is. There are many different kinds of effects out there, and many theories stating the ‘correct’ order of effects in your Chain of Sonic Domination.

Getting A Great Dirty Bass Sound …By Going Clean

By Jon Moody Everyone likes a good, dirty bass sound. You know the one; it demands attention in the mix, and every note that’s played punches you in the chest with awesomeness. We love that sound! However, on our quest to replicate that exact sound, we often overlook the one thing that’s really controlling it…

The Four Stages of Gain: Seymour Duncan Gain Pedals

Overdrive and distortion pedals tend to multiply if left alone for too long. At some point, every guitar player looks at the pile of pedals scattered around the room, and can positively assure an unsuspecting wanderer that every single one of those pedals are completely different, and just because they might be the same size,…

Cage Match: Non-Master Volume vs. Master Volume Amps

Amplifiers have certainly come a long way. Actually, a lot of things have, if you check out the picture above. Notice how Son and Dad are playing a game the girls clearly can’t understand as they wash the dishes in the back, smiling at how much fun the boys are having. Try getting a picture like this past any modern marketing department now!

Talking Tone With Jon Skibic of The Afghan Whigs

For 15 years the Afghan Whigs contributed their brand of darkly-themed alt rock to the music scene. After a 13 year hiatus they have returned with a bang, a new album and Jon Skibic on guitar. Jon has a long history on the music circuit playing with the likes of Rock of Ages and Twilight Singers with Greg Dulli.

Guitarists Using Seymour Duncan Pedals

It’s only been a year since the Dirty Deed distortion pedal came out, and since then it has been followed by the Vapor Trail, 805 Overdrive, Pickup Booster, Vise Grip and now the Shape Shifter. In that time dozens of well-known artists have taken a liking to one or more of the new guitar pedals. here’s a current who’s…

The Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive Review

Make some room on that pedalboard, folks, because the Seymour Duncan pedal line is expanding. The new 805 Overdrive joins the Dirty Deed Distortion, Vapor Trail Analog Delay and the Pickup Booster while bringing much-needed updates to the standard overdrive formula.

Cage Match: Individual Pedals vs Multi Effects

Guitarists have long wanted to affect the sound of the electric and acoustic guitar with outboard gear. Whether it is compression from analog tape and the tube-powered mixing console itself back in the day, to the staggering array of pedals and devices available today, guitarists can at least agree that there are no lack of choices. While the outside world (I mean, non-guitarists) don’t understand our obsession of arguing what sort of transistors are in our fuzz boxes, or how many effects we can have on at once, we get it. Almost to a fault. While this article is certainly not for the guitar-cord-amp type, it splits up the effect argument into 2 well-matched camps, the individual pedals and the multieffects. Remember though, words can only go so far- in the end, you have to plug in for yourself.

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