Guitar Wiring Explored: Adding a Blower Switch

We’ve all been there: you’ve dialed in a sweet rhythm tone – the neck volume is on seven and the bridge volume is on… whatever it’s on, you weren’t looking. And the tone controls are turned to the precise value of “where it sounds right.” You’re grooving away and suddenly it’s time for the solo! You switch…

Guitar Wiring Explored – Switches Part 3

In the previous article we looked at on-on switches, and on-off-on switches. There’s one more kind of toggle switch for us to look at. DPDT on-on-on The last type of DPDT switch we’re going to look at is the on-on-on switch. This is another three-position switch, and the connections it makes in the three positions…

Guitar Wiring Explored – Switches Part 2

In the last two articles we looked at switches, and then four-conductor humbuckers. This time round, we’re going to look at some new types of switch, and see how we can use those to access some more tones from a humbucker.

Guitar Wiring Explored – Switches Part 1

look at modifying our wiring schemes to achieve non-standard sounds. The first modification most people do is to replace one or more of the potentiometers with a push/pull pot. This is a pot that works in the same way as normal when you turn it, but also has a double-pole, double-throw (DPDT) switch attached. The switch is moved into one of its two possible positions by pulling the pot’s knob out and away from the guitar, or pushing it back in again.

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