Chord Scales in the Key of Awesome

Wait, I am already learning chords and scales… you’re telling me there are also things called Chord Scales? Yes! Chords scales are not only useful when composing, but also in improvisation. When harmonizing a melody we can make our music more rich, have more twists and turns, and break us out of the riff-based power chord rut we have been in for far too long. This article will explain a basic harmonization of the major scale, using movable chord shapes on the four smallest strings of our guitars – all while sounds sophisticated, complex, and completely irresistible to the opposite sex.

Less Than Or Equal To: The Diminished Chord

As modern guitarists, we are constantly trying to come up with new sounds. We all have heard how Yngwie plays diminished arpeggios at the speed of light and how practicing our diminished scale runs adds some Bach to our rock. Instead of focusing on scales or arpeggios here, I’ve reached back into to time of frilly shirts and harpsichords to check out the harmony which goes hand-in-hand with those shredilicious melodies. If we tire of djentrific root-5th power chords, folky granola-scented open major and minor triads, or murky jazz voicings, we can start by looking at those triads again. This article focuses on the diminished triad, what it sounds like, and how we can use it to break out of patterns where we seem to play the same thing, the same way, all the time.

Harmony: A Closer Look At The Perfect Fourth

When I was younger I developed a passion for harmony. I started learning how modes, scales and chords work together to create music. Harmony is the teaching of a set of rules to make music audible. Perhaps the word ‘rule’ is wrong since that word implies something immobile, the enforcement of the wills or wishes…

Why Are There 12 Frets To The Octave?

The guitar is a problem-haunted instrument. Because of its construction it can never be 100% in tune. As I wrote in my previous blog, the frets are positioned in a compromised way as to make it as good as possible under bad circumstances. But to make things even worse, Western music itself is never in…

Adding Texture To Your Playing With Archaic Scales!

Even the very-much known major and minor scales are just ancient modes. In this article I want to take a closer look at modes and how many players use them, but actually don’t know that they use them.

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