Straps and Strap Height: Playing While Looking Cool

We’ve all seen it: Les Paul down by the knees, swaggering across the stage. This is an image that’s burned into our brain, and probably the reason why many guitarists picked the guitar over the trombone in the first place. But if we want to play in front of people, this means to most rock,…

Fanfare for the Schizoid Men: 6 Great Tones in Prog

Ahh, progressive rock. Never has there been a movement in contemporary music that was probably more hated by critics, real punks, and hipsters. My guess is that either they didn’t quite understand it, or were threatened by it, but progressive rock (and we are talking vintage here) influenced bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and every progressive metal band around today.

Relaxation and the Economy of the Left Hand, Part 1

After writing about my approach to the right hand, I figure that the left hand should get the same treatment. First, I must explain, I am naturally left-handed, at least when I write. I throw with my right hand (except darts, weird, huh?) and will eat with whatever hand is closest to the fork. I…

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