The Art of the Barre

Let’s face it: for the beginning guitarist, barre chords are hard. The idea that one finger has to hold down multiple strings when it has a hard enough time trying to hold down one seems like an impossible task.

Dissecting the Augmented Chord

With all of the emphasis on fast soloing online and in guitar magazines, it is easy to forget that working players spend most of their time playing chords. Even the heaviest of metals use more chords and rhythm than anything else, and increasing our chord literacy will help us become better players. This article will focus on one of my favorite types of chords and show us how we might use it to add some unexpected color no matter what genre of music we play. Guitar is generally considered a rhythm instrument, after all.

Leave Me Hangin’: Suspended 2 and 4 Chords

Chances are, many guitarists have been playing suspended chords for years and have never really thought much about them. This article will explain exactly what suspended chords are, and what is going on (music theory-wise) when we use them. Suspended chords aren’t hard to play, and we have heard them in countless acoustic, rock &…

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