Top 10 Tremolo Systems

I like to brainstorm a lot with other guitarists about gear, music, tone and other assorted subjects when one subject came up which can be summed up in one simple question: what are the top 10 tremolo systems on the market, right now?

Turning Your Budget Guitar Find Into An Every Day Player

A simple swap of pickups can resurrect even the most boring of guitars. If you’ve picked up an old super Strat style guitar with an HSS pickup configuration and you know you’re going to be using it for some heavy metal riffs, consider some of the high output pickups available.

Using the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Insert Jack

By Dave Eichenberger Since the original tape delays were invented, people have been figuring out ways of altering the sound of echoes spewing forth from the output jack. People like Brian Eno have made a production career out of it, but lately, unless you connected your delay pedal to the aux send of a mixer,…

5 Cool Ways To Use The Shapeshifter

By Martina Fasano While I’m a 70s and 80s-loving gal when it comes to my rock’n’roll, I have a definite soft spot and deep-rooted pedigree in 1960s pop, rock, and R&B. Enter the stereo tremolo effect and it’s distinct yet versatile sonic capabilities. The stereo tremolo effect has always been a favorite of mine –…

Meet a Seymour Duncan Engineer – Wayne Rothermich: Shapeshifters, Mars, and Margaritas

Good design is often reflected in the intuitive nature of how something works. My first foray into design occurred when my father asked me to hold the flashlight for him while he fixed the wiring on a ceiling light fixture. I decided, in my 4-year-old wisdom, that putting the huge flashlight on the ground with…

Effects Basics: Tremolo

You know the sound. It has been on thousands of records. It was built into the most popular amplifiers for a few decades. It was the first guitar effect pedal ever produced.

The Most Interesting Whammy Bars In the World

Whammy bars, or more properly called vibrato systems, are one of the oldest methods of manipulating the sound from the electric guitar itself.

Introducing The Shapeshifter Tremolo

Introducing the new Shape Shifter Tremolo pedal! Whether you’re looking for a flickery vintage shimmer, extreme choppiness, backwards swells or rhythmic stabs, the Shape Shifter is designed to do it all.

“Locking” Up A Floating Bridge

Floating bridges are great. You can make all sorts of weird and wacky noises diving and raising the whammy bar. From simple pitch variations to harmonic squeals, car engines revving and fluttering noises, floating bridges provide hours of fun.

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