Seymour Duncan At The Dallas International Guitar Festival

We’ll be at the annual Dallas International Guitar Festival this weekend, Friday May 5 to Sunday May 7 at Dallas Market Hall, Dallas, TX. The Dallas show began in a small meeting room of a hotel in 1978. Now it’s in 140,000 square feet of display space bringing together guitar dealers, manufacturers, collectors, celebrities and…

Silver Zephyr SPB-1 or Zephyr Voltron

There are a lot of options in the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop for us bass players. Whether you want something that’s fairly simple (like SPB-3 pole pieces with the SPB-1 wind) or something crazier, the folks at the Custom Shop can make it. With that in mind, when I was spec’ing out the parts for my new bass build, I knew we had to have some very special pickups in it. And it hit me:

The Zephyr Silver Pickups

Zephyr came from a challenge issued to Vice President of Engineering Kevin Beller to come up with a pickup that wasn’t constrained by the usual consideration of costs or materials – just dream it, design it and build it.

Bruce Kulick (Grand Funk Railroad/KISS) demonstrates the Seymour Duncan Zephyr Silver Pickups

Bruce Kulick, guitarist for Grand Funk Railroad and a long-time member of KISS, recently stopped by the Seymour Duncan factory. He talked to us about what he currently has going on and did a demonstration of the difference between copper pickups and the Zephyr Silver pickups.

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